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The legal use of Mate Coca in some countries is controversy that takes so many years but it is actually reaching the end.

The initial confusion created with the use of mate coca and the cocaine chlorhydrate it is now finally clear since many government's including the US are now accepting the fact that that mate de coca it is an inoffensive beverage, very useful for health because their natural properties and by another side the chlorhydrate or cocaine it is an addictive forbidden drug.

In the States there is a Mate Coca brand that have been as in the pass de-cocanized that means in other words that coca leaves have been pre-processed to remove all valuable alkhaloids.

But consumers that have been in Machu Picchu knows that the best and the original brand is the ones that have been cultivated at the Andean Highlands of Peru.

Ten years ago another experiment to sell Coca inn the states was aborted since consumers soon discover that new “coca tea” was a decocanized coca leaves tea.

Still the best brands are Peruvian´s brands such as Delisse, Zurit, Herbi because The richer aroma and the bigger flavor of the strong coca leaves.

Let me clear up this confussion "Mate Coca" is a medicinal tea made from the leaves of the Coca plant (Erythroxylum coca lam). This tea has been used over four thousand years by the andean natives in South America. Coca was and is still considered a sacred aspect of the Andean culture. It is only in this past century that the chemical configuration was changed to make the drug cocaine. Since then, the rest of the world has seen Coca as the raw material for the drug cocaine and not as the medicinal plant used for thousands of years. Coca was and is still used at every stage of the Andean peoples lives. Before giving birth, a woman drinks and chews Coca to hasten the labor and ease the pain. When a child is born, relatives celebrate by chewing the Coca leaf together. When a young man wants to marry a girl, he offers Coca to her father. And when somebody dies, Mate De Coca is drunk at the wake and a small pile of leaves are placed in the coffin before burial. From ancient times, these rituals were considered sacred, and as such, the Coca leaf continues to have a great significance in the culture of the Andean people

How to prepare a good tea

Fresh drawn, boiling water contains the most oxygen, thereby giving the fullest taste to tea. Water that has been boiling for some time looses the oxygen and thereby the best taste. Allow full expansion during the infusion and easy removal after the time for steeping has elapsed. Draw into a tea pot or kettle the best fresh water that you have available. Warm the teapot and cups while the water is boiling.

Manufacturing process guarantees the quality and consistency of each and every tea bag. Each tea bag contains only the finest quality ingredients freshest,and open in good quality, delivery we arrange the latest batch.


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